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Download & Install SpyMug Free Android Spy on Android phone

This SpyMug is considered the best spy app for android which has its never-ending features. Once you install this app on your target person’s phone, then you do not have to take stress about what they are doing on the phone. Whose chat they are hiding from you and you will get all the details of all the activity that they are doing on the phone. The mobile spy app will help you to get all the details of the text message, calls, and details of video conferences online or offline as you want. But forgetting all the information, you just have to get yourself registered, and we will help you in getting all the information about how to install the application.

Note: SpyMug App will being replaced by FreePhoneSpy (

You can download FreePhoneSpy app at:

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Download & Install SpyMug App

  • The first thing that you have to do is search the spy app and register with the email I’d and the password
  • Enable the administrative control on the target phone
  • Make sure that enable the hide option
  • Make sure that you delete all the history related to the spy app.
  • Log in with your phone and view all the activities that are done by the person on his phone.

Benefits of SpyMug Android Spy

Catch Cheating Spouse– with the mobile spy phone app you can easily know where your partner is most of the time; you can know where your partner is spending all his salary. Spy app provides you with all the details of the calls, SMS, location, and helps you to monitor what are the sites that are mostly visited by your partner.

Employee Monitoring – this feature is the best as it helps you to know what your employees are doing during office hours. You can easily know why your employees being late to the office. There are employees who share all the confidential news of the office to the other competitors so with the help mobile spy app you can easily know who is doing this.

Parental Control– with the help of the spy app you can easily track your children there are many children who make a fool of their parents and roam here and there or bunk their classes. So with the help of this app parents can know where their children are. You can know with whom they are chatting on the phone. All the details of the activities can be easily known to you that are done on the phone.

Backup & Find Lost Phones-if your file lost and the person who gets the phone has erased all that you are having on the phone then you do not have to worry about you can get all the backups of your phone and files. Even if the person changes the network of the phone, you can also get all the information on the phone through notification.


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